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The Blue Ridge Breakaway offers four routes suitable for all skill and age levels:

DSC_1391_3341The Hawk

Distance: 105.7 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: 9600 Feet
Max Uphill Grade: 11%
Max Downhill Grade: 12%
Ride Begins: 7:30am

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Blue Ridge BreakawayThe Trout

Distance: 76.43 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: 7977 Feet
Max Uphill Grade: 11%
Max Downhill Grade: 12%
Ride Begins: 7:45am

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DSC_1412_3362The Panther

Distance: 50.8 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: 4180 Feet
Max Uphill Grade: 9%
Max Downhill Grade: 12%
Ride Begins: 7:30am

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DSC_1438_3388The Rabbit

Distance: 26.5 Miles
Total Elevation Gain: 1200 Feet
Max Uphill Grade: 7%
Max Downhill Grade: 12%
Ride Begins: 7:30am

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Registration/Rider Packet Pick Up:

Foundation for Evangelism, 125 N Lakeshore Drive, Lake Junaluska NC 28745
Friday, August 18, 2017: 5pm to 7pm
Saturday, August 19, 2017: 6am to 7amSafety Notes

Safety is our number one priority! Please help us continue our great track record by complying with the following:

  • The Blue Ridge Breakaway is an open course with motor vehicle traffic. Please ride single file at all times and stay as far to the right as is practical and safe (except when passing) to minimize traffic jams. Follow standard rules of the road and recognize all traffic laws, stops, intersections, etc.

  • Riders must wear helmets and their BRB bibs at all times while on the course.

  • No personal SAG is allowed during BRB.

  • Weather can change quickly in the mountains, especially on the Parkway. Be prepared for rain showers, thunderstorms or sudden drops in temperature. Parkway riders are advised to carry rain gear and two water bottles.

  • Many segments of all routes have limited or no cell phone service. In the event of an emergency, our SAG support motorcycles are there to assist you.

For the Hawk and Trout Riders:

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway regulations require the following: The bicycle operator must exhibit a white light or reflector visible at least 500 feet to the front and a red light or reflector visible at least 200 feet to the rear during periods of low visibility or while traveling through a tunnel. Bicycles must be ridden single file except when passing or turning left and well to the right-hand side of the road.

  • Around mile 80, there is a BLIND TUNNEL that will absolutely require a front light as riders will not be able to see which way is up when in the tunnel. Please purchase a front headlight prior to arriving for the ride, and remember to remove your sunglasses prior to entering the tunnel.

  • 12:00pm Cut-Off on Hawk (Century) and Trout (Half Century) routes – Riders who have not reached the Burnett Siding rest stop (just above Lake Logan) by 12pm will be asked to turn around. Caution, riders who ignore this request will not have the benefit of rest stops or support for the next 55 miles (the remainder of the course). For riders passing the Burnett Siding rest stop prior to 12pm, there will be three additional rest stops on the Parkway; at Courthouse Overlook, Haywood/Jackson Overlook and Yellowface Overlook.

  • Riders who Abandon – History has taught us that no matter how well prepared a rider may be, some days are just not perfect. Riders who find it necessary to abandon the event on the Parkway may be transported as a group in a passenger van. Individual riders will be transported in the case of medical emergencies only.

  • 5:00pm Parkway Cut-Off – The Blue Ridge Parkway has also stipulated that all riders and support vehicles be OFF the Parkway by 5pm.

  • CAUTION – The descent from the top of Soco Gap is very steep and curvy. CONTROL YOUR SPEED through this area. Also, be sure to check your brakes before descending.

Training Schedules:
50 Mile Training
25 Mile Training

Interactive Map of Lake J