Culinary & Libations

Combining the traditional recipes and techniques of Southern Appalachia with the modern styles and flavors bubbling out of urban culinary scenes, Haywood County has become a crossroads of what can only be described as “cosmopolitan country cuisine.”

With a restaurant revolution spilling out of Asheville, western North Carolina has become a place as unique and renowned for its specialized dishes as it has been for mountain music, clogging and handmade crafts.

Visitors may choose from farm-to-table restaurants to ethnic cuisine to fine steak and seafood dining options. And with each fresh meal is an array of local ingredients.

Plan your visit during our annual Mélange of the Mountains Gala or extend your stay to include the Culinary Weekend. Take in our vibrant microbrew scene between restaurant hopping.

From local honey to strawberries, trout to organic beef, there are innumerable tastes being discovered right in our own backyard. It’s about offering innovative cuisines from the hands of talented chefs and tapping into the rich culture of Southern Appalachia.

Whether you choose to start your morning with locally roasted coffee and homemade pastries or to take a break from your mountain adventure to treat yourself to a culinary masterpiece, Haywood County has a wealth of dining options to meet your every need.