Core Values

The quest to execute the Chamber’s mission is managed by four pillars:

  • Leadership

The Haywood Chamber of Commerce encourages the promotion and fostering the development of volunteer leadership in our community. The creation of knowledgeable, skilled and passionate leaders, can then advocate for and represent the community and be involved in creating a positive future for Haywood County.

  • Advocacy

The Haywood Chamber of Commerce is your voice that advocates for policies that impact your business.  Through our legislative committee, WNCCE ALLIANCE, and continued outreach to our elected leaders at all levels.  We strive to stay informed and seeking solutions to issues.  We are the primary voice of business in which our top priority is to create a successful and sustainable economic environment.

  • Development

The Haywood Chamber of Commerce recognizes the impact of small business and the importance of business development and the relationship to success.  Our goal is to provide a positive and stable vibrant economy by providing opportunities to grow, assisting our businesses with information and guidance.

  • Innovation

Innovation is important to the advancement of businesses in Haywood County.  Businesses who fail to innovate run the risk of losing their clients to competitors.  Whether it is business processes, best practices or the latest technology advanced tool; the Chamber leads by being a part of the innovation and sharing those trends with our members.


To support and promote the economic growth and vitality of our members and the development of the regional marketplace.


Haywood Chamber of Commerce exists to intentionally develop Haywood County as a regional center by growing the regional marketplace, serving as a catalyst for economic development through business growth, meeting the needs of our members through resource development, cultivating and sustaining relationships, initiating action beneficial to our members, embracing change and promoting progressive solutions.