Governmental Relations

Communication /Advocacy /Action

The mission of the Governmental Relations Committee is to establish and enhance relationships with governmental officials, provide information and obtain input from our members on governmental issues relevant to them; recommend advocacy positions and communicate the chambers viewpoint to our membership and elected officials.

The committee actively develops and promotes policy positions on critical issues that impact the business community, in addition continuously assert its roles as the leading business organization on your behalf. Annually, community leaders and stakeholders convene to prepare a legislative agenda on both the county and state level.

Two years ago we formed a partnership with Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, Black Mountain and Madison Chambers to strengthen our voice and outreach in Raleigh. Individually, each Chamber drafts an agenda based on input from individual community stakeholders which is then presented to the WNCC coalition. Regional issues are then presented during our annual visit with Legislators in Raleigh. We have been successful with our endeavors and have gained recognition and attention on both levels with our organization grassroots efforts. We believe the more voices, the more we are heard and the better success we will have.

Download our most recent legislative agenda.