Leadership Haywood


Leadership Haywood Class of 2015-16

Leadership Haywood Class of 2015-16

Leadership Haywood has become one of the most prestigious organizations in Haywood County.  Each year, a select group of local leaders learn not only what is going on in our business community but, how they can make a difference.  The program builds community relations through in-depth view of cultural, economic, historic, social, educational, and environmental and government resources.  The result is that the alumni have made countless contribution to the community and it quality of life.

Leadership Haywood connects participants with prominent civic, business and government leaders.

Day-long programs are scheduled the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month September-May. Graduation will be held at the Annual Dinner in June.  Applications are due by September 9th.

Haywood Leadership class of 2016-17

Leadership Haywood Objective

Leadership Haywood is a program designed and facilitated by the Haywood Chamber of Commerce to develop informed, active and involved leaders for Haywood County.  The program takes an intensive look into the social, economical and political dynamics and their impact on our community.

Leadership Haywood will inspire participants, build relationships and strengthen leadership skills needed to be an effective leader.

Time Commitment

Leadership Haywood begins with an opening team building exercise in September followed by an   8-month curriculum.  Participants are selected through an application process based upon their civic involvement, leadership potential and commitment to the leadership program and community.  Session topics include  History of Haywood County/Arts and Cultural Resources, Health and Medical, Local and State Government, Education, Economic Development, Non-Profits/Religion, Law Enforcement and Crime, and Environmental.

Leadership Haywood 2017-2018 Meeting Dates

  • September 20, 2017:     8:00-5:00 –  Team Building
  • October 18, 2017:          8:00-5:00 –  SIMSOC (Mandatory)
  •  November 15, 2017:    8:00-5:00 –  History of Haywood County/Arts/Culture
  •  December 20, 2017:     8:00-5:00 –  Healthcare
  •  January 17, 2018:          8:00-5:00 –  Community/Diversity/Religion
  •  February 21, 2018:        8:00-5:00 –  Local Government & Law Enforcement
  •  March 5, 2018:              8:00-5:00 –  Economic Development & Tourism
  •  April 18, 2018:               8:00-5:00 –  Education
  •  May 16, 2018:                8:00-5:00 –  Environment
  •  June 7 2018:                      5:00-8:00-  Annual Dinner & Leadership Haywood Graduation


Tuition for Leadership Haywood is $700/Haywood Chamber members & $800/non-members

Download the Leadership Haywood application form HERE